Fine Jewelry

Ancient geometry Triangle collection is inspired by the geometrical symbolism of the ancient civilizations and especially the ancient Egypt, Maya and Greece. Main elements are crochet pieces of lace from a wedding dress transformed in magnificent ways into intricate jewelry pieces.

Also manifesting ancient geometry in a high Priestess look is the architectural pieces of the Floating Triangle collection encapsulating stones in Art Deco watch dials from the beginning of the 20th century we found in Paris.

In a nature inspired embodiment effort, following Louise Bourgeois's phenomenal female-mother-family archetype symbol with her "Maman" spider sculptures,

Alexandra follows the path of vertebra lined up such as is the spine and creates a spider-mother of all families like Louise's but in a sequence of abstractions, like the Spine rings that actually are curled up legs of the mother spider!

All designs from our Fine jewelry collections come in 14k or 18k gold designed by Alexandra Koumba.

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