Alexandra Koumba's Beachwear collection is inspired by the ancient armory chain that has become our signature element in many of our accessories. Unparalleled quality of materials and handmade craftsmanship glorifies our waterproof Signature chain that is hand stitched in all the right details for each style.

Must have pieces to wear are the Alkalia dress for a Greek goddess look, the Alexa jumpsuit for the Amazon woman to wear day to night look and our Timeless dressy T-shirt of amazing quality made in a soft viscose fabric to wear in all occasions.

Statement pieces to swim or pose under the sun are the one piece Aphrodite, Xenia and the Artemis for the Amazon woman. Bikinis to create choc waves around you are the ones with the belly chain attached like the Ioni, Alexandra and classic new is the Tribbon to cover the belly and accentuate the Goddess chest.

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