A Greek native, Alexandra Koumba, founded her design company in 2007. Drawing on her background as an antique and fine art collector,
she opened the first decorative arts gallery in Athens, Greece. Interior design objects soon followed and became cult items.

Her jewelry collection is available at Bloomingdale' s online and a selection of our bags is at Anthropologie in the US and around Europe you can find our products in selected boutiques. Top celebrities like Alicia Keys and Kendall Jenner are spotted wearing Alexandra Koumba Jewelry!

All Alexandra's Koumba #anciendinspired designs are handcrafted by local artisans in Greece which is her homeland.

Our #signaturechain has a following on its own! We love this waterproof weaved chain that is reminiscent of medieval armories & modern Amazons and we applied it from Resort wear like swimming suits & cover ups to City look leather bags!

Our resort wear collection entails hand weaved bags bejeweled with our jewelry or signature chain which is our innovation since they are knitted in a swimming suit fabric making them waterproof, durable and unique! Monochromatic empowering swimming suits & goddess look cover ups are also hand stitched with our ancient inspired #signature chain that is also present in some of our bags.

New entry this season for our City look is a leather bag collection decorated by our unique jewel designs and chains.

..more details here:
Her jewelry collection was first introduced in 2008 enjoying instant success. It can be found at select stores in both Europe and the U.S., and has been extensively featured in publications such as Russian Vogue, US Weekly and the Greek press.
In 2011, Alexandra was honored to be named the official designer for Jewelry and Accessories of the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens.
She’s received commissions by the prestigious Cycladic and Benaki museums in Athens, and her work has been exhibited at the world-famous Metropolitan Museum shops in New York and across the U.S. She’s also a fixture at NY Fashion Week, her collaboration with Tia Cibani being an example.
Her creations have graced the appearance of many international celebrities including Alicia Keys, Rita Ora and Kendal Jenner whose 2015 Coachella music festival outfit was voted among her top ten that year.
A NY Parsons School of Design grad, Alexandra also studied jewelry design at St Martins College of Art in London, and holds a BA in Communications from Boston University and an MBA from SDA Bocconi in Milan.
   Alexandra Koumba designs are the perfect blend of cutting-edge fashion with traditional elements producing one-of-a-kind creations. Her clients fall in love with the modern yet timeless aesthetic that manages to push the envelope while staying imbued with the spirit of her ancient Greek heritage.
Inspired by nature and its abundance of organic forms, the jewelry collection offers three distinct possibilities. Intricate lacework cast in metal represents the designer’s s vintage component. Bones and the broader human and animal form are the second signature motif while foliage, seeds and the insect world provide an exuberant alternative.
The bag and homeware collections further highlight Alexandra’s affinity for seductive textures, edgy motifs, ultra-feminine shapes, intricate details and high-gloss finishes always in surprising combinations.
Last but not least, her baby and wedding collections round up her offerings by helping celebrate and make those special moments that much more memorable.
Alexandra works in both semi-precious as well as precious metals while fibers are exclusively organic. All items are proudly handmade in Greece by local artisans.

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