Wicker Candles

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Midnight blue
Wicker Taupe
White Wicker

Waterproof crochet is our signature upcycled collection and by weaving to it wicker which is a timeless element being a natural fiber, it has become one of our favorite themes.

The Wicker collection is composed of a placemat, towel ring, candle large and medium, and two sized baskets. These tea light size candles are best displayed as a set and can be used on various occasions from taking them to a dinner party to displaying them on an outdoor table or on a seaside veranda. Their moldable nature, being made of wicker and waterproof yarn, makes them suitable for various occasions which is their inherent beauty, a perfect gift really. The small candles come with a clear glass interior and you add your favorite tea light candle..

Everything is fully handmade, we take one week to make any crochet piece for you, plus delivery time

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