Leather Bags

WB Med Shop Bag

Taupe cowhide/Silver
Black cowhide/Silver
Bluette cowhide /Gold
White cowhide/ Gold
Bluette cowhide/Silver
White cowhide/Silver
Light Grey/Gold
Light Grey/Silver
Beige Cowhide/Gold
Interior Color
Burgundy suede
Orange suede
Lime suede
Pool Blue suede
Pink suede
Lavender suede

A great elegant every day Bag the Wishbone Medium Shopping bag. 

 Its versatile distinct style makes this bag an all day ultra chic bag!

Eclectic details of hand stitching all around and decorated with a Wishbone jewel that is casted from a real chicken bone, a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

It has suede covered 3 clip on buttons along the length offering full security and when closed, the shape of the bag becomes a vertical rectangle becoming the perfect working bag and fitting a laptop:) 

The bag is made of cowhide leather & a suede leather interior, each bag is custom made so if you wish in the comments section in the order you can choose the suede interior color of your bag too!

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